Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wow. Finally Finished!!!!!! YAY!!!!

After a dead period of time that lasted for years, I finally started working on my Eagle Rank in Boy Scouts this year for a couple of reasons. The first was to get my family off my back about having my eagle. The second was that I actually wanted to get it. It took most of the year with the planning and everything but finally yesterday, I finished. I don't have to worry about it anymore. I only have to get my papers signed and then it gets sent to wherever. I am completely and totally done. I don't have to worry about it anymore. I want to thank the many people who helped me out, supported me, cheered me on, and all that fun stuff. I must admit though I did cut it quite close. I turn 18 very soon and that would not be good to miss it.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

stupid just stupid

well yesterday I got my stitches out finally. and then a couple of hours later the skin connecting the two parts on the cut ended up separating. so now i have a finger that has a deep cut in it and no significant difference from the first time I got it cut. oh except for the evidence of stitches. other than that it has not really been able to re-attach itself together. grrrrrrr...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

What happens when your brother gets your knife

I appologise in advance for any errors or anything like that in advance. My right hand pinky finger is bandaged up and such so bear with me. three days I was fooling around with my brother and we ended up with each others knifes. We were returning them to each other when Andrews finger accidentally got caught on a exposed edge of the handle of my knife. I had ahold of the blade and my hand and my knife got in a fight. My hand lost. I ended up getting my pinky finger sliced open almost as deep as it could according to the EMT' s that looked at it. I had a total of 10 stiches to keep my finger together. im pretty sure i cut a nerve or two because i cant feel it. the guy that sewed me up told me that after a couple days that if my finger was still numb it was because i probably cut a nerve. that was three days ago. it is still feeling numb so i dont know what is going on. it looks pretty gruesome.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Past Stuff to be caught up

Wow. It is amazing how time can fly. Its been quite a while since I have updated anything.

I recently went to EFY. I will never go again. I will be to old. Among other things but that's a different story. A story for later. Much, much later.

I guess that I helped someone to be more people friendly at EFY. Because I am really slow on the uptake I'm afraid I don't understand completely.

I am now getting prepared to go to Mountain Man Rendezvous. That should be fun. I always enjoy MMR. I am so happy because I get to take my beloved goats with me to MMR. I love those gals.

I missed graduating as a junior by one credit because I failed my last Math Class.

The Order of the Arrow probably wont be doing our Scout Ball. Apparently there are more important things to plan than a fundraiser.

I was hoping to go down to Eastern Arizona College this summer/fall but that probably wont be possible.

I have started my Eagle Scout Service Project. I got a little bit done two weeks ago and then ran into a few problems. A few being many.

I was finally able to start growing my hair out. My uncle Chad is just itching to shave it off. Then of course he is also a Returned Missionary. He keeps his hair short.

He is also getting married shortly which is cool. I am not sure whether to feel more sorry for Spud or his fiance. They are both nuts so who knows? I love my aunt Whitney. She is really nuts. Supposedly I need to feel sorry for them as a whole because people are trying to drag them down... blah blah blah something like that. (Aunt Whitney said to say that. lol. )

I can't think of anything else I missed but I probably have. Until Next Time. Later Peeps!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Da Ball

I take it back. Things have changed and now the youth of the O/A have taken charge. The date of the ball has been nullified. We did not get together and start planning like we should have. But things are different now. Now we get to break the rules. The ball is on for the summer sometime.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Scout Ball Details

We finally have hammered out the details on the date of the Scout Ball. It is planned for Febuary 6th. Unfortunately thats all we have hammered out as of yet. I will get the information out as soon as I get it.

Friday, November 6, 2009

November 14th, this year.

In aproximately 8 days I will turn 17. Last year I sat around and watched tv. And that was it. This year I am going to Las Vegas for my birthday. Hehe. All those lights and casinoes. It should be cool. lol.